Spycraft 101 Complete Sticker Collection


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Now available, a complete collection of all fourteen Spycraft 101 stickers.  Included in this pack are the following stickers:

– Spycraft 101 logo stickers in four colors

  •  slate gray
  •  forest green
  •  sage green
  •  coyote tan

– The Yankee Commandante

– United Fruit Company

– OSS Spearhead logo

– Civil Air Transport

– Che Guevara Red Star

– Glomar Explorer

– US Military Liaison Mission in Potsdam

– Assault Brigade 2506

–  Detachment B57

–  Health Alteration Committee

From William Alexander Morgan, known as Fidel Castro’s Yankee Commandante, to the Missionaries of Potsdam, each sticker has a unique connection to the history of espionage during World War II and the Cold War.   Now you can get them all at a discount when bundled together.   

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