Covert Collection Gear Patch – Forest Green


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Introducing the Covert Collection; featuring the Spycraft 101 logo with identifying information redacted. For those who walk the walk so they don’t need to talk the talk.

The Spycraft 101 diamond-shaped logo exhibits some of the most important tools in a spy’s arsenal. The lock picks are used for surreptitious entry of an adversary’s office or home.  The ink pen is for the recording and transmitting of critical intelligence information, or the concealment of a cyanide pill. The camera is for clandestine photography by a confidential source, and the knife is a last line of defense when an agent or case officer is in the enemy’s heartland. 

This beautifully detailed patch will look perfect on your urban gear. Measuring 3″ x 3″, it is backed with hook-and-loop tape for easy placement and removal. The backing can be sewn onto anything you choose.  Made of durable PVC, it will hold up in all weather conditions for years. Patch is three inches wide and three inches tall. These patches are sourced from a veteran-owned small business.

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