Clandestine Classroom Logo 11oz Mug – Black


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Spycraft 101 is your clandestine classroom, bringing the tools, techniques, and strategies of the world of espionage to everyone. Spycraft can help you improve your situational awareness, capabilities, and personal interactions.

The Spycraft 101 diamond-shaped logo sticker exhibits some of the most important tools in a spy’s arsenal. The lock picks are used for surreptitious entry of an adversary’s office or home.  The ink pen is for the recording and transmitting of critical intelligence information, or the concealment of a cyanide pill. The camera is for clandestine photography by a confidential source, and the knife is a last line of defense when an agent or case officer is in the enemy’s heartland.

Perfect for coffee, tea and hot chocolate, this classic shape white, durable ceramic mug in the most popular size. High quality sublimation printing makes it an appreciated gift to every true hot beverage lover.


.: Black ceramic

.: 11 oz (0.33 l)

.: Rounded corners

.: C-handle




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