Che Guevara Red Star Sticker


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Che Guevara as you’ve never seen him before. The darling of many people who are perhaps not completely familiar with all of his beliefs and actions, his image has been commercialized and monetized all over the world. Now you can see him as he really was, (i.e., post mortem) after the CIA and Bolivian Army caught up with him in 1967.

The CIA sent one of their best to Bolivia to stop Che’s plans to topple another Latin American government. Cuban exile Felix Rodriguez joined the CIA in 1960 and was soon sent back into Cuba on an intelligence-gathering mission prior to the ill-fated invasion at the Bay of Pigs. Seven years later he went to Bolivia to take down Che. The mission was a success as the rebels were poorly equipped and supported and were picked off one by one. Che was eventually captured, and Rodriguez questioned him prior to his execution. Che was then shot by a young Bolivian soldier who had lost three of his friends in fighting with Che’s forces.

This four-inch wide sticker is a send-up of the most popular image of Che as it’s been sold around the world, on a red star background. 

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