Spycraft 101 – An introduction to the World of Espionage

You’re drawn here because you’re fascinated with the world of espionage and tradecraft. Who wouldn’t be? Fictional accounts of spies in film and literature capture the imagination, but the reality can be just as awe-inspiring as well. Since the beginning of time, spies of every nationality, race, and culture have worked to infiltrate their adversaries and glean the secret information that will give their side an advantage. The stakes are sky-high, the strategies varied and imaginative, and the ultimate sign of success is that no one will ever even know you were there.

At Spycraft 101 you’ll learn about the most famous cases of espionage in history, the incredible tools of the trade, and how to incorporate the strategies and tactics of intelligence agencies into your own lifestyle; to become more aware, more capable, more integral.

Welcome to your clandestine classroom.